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I am/was a computer programmer, Muslim and trying to better myself everyday.

My Story Before the arrest

I worked at the department of foreign affairs as a computer programmer and designed software etc.....more coming on this and other topics as soon as I get access to the prison library which is only open on Tuesdays and only for two hours.  It's tough to do any research in prison mainly because every piece of mail is censored and if the prison officials don't like what you never gets to me!

What I do now days

Ideology and Radicalization NEW

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Black History Month Celebrations NEW

Pushups......lots of them 500 or's a stereotype

Reading books as well....realizing that I'm not guilty of most of what the gov accused me of.

Making / baking microwave cakes for fellow inmates


My Side of the story

Jan 2004

Searching for my better half

I was just looking to get married

Jan 2004

Pakistan is Hot

vice versa

Jogging in the woods doesn't make you a navy seal,so why would shooting a gun in the forest in some 3rd world country make you a terrorist in Canada...when its not even illegal in Pakistan.

If someone commits a crime in Canada can they be punished for it in China...that's what this case implies!

Hmmm...something to think about

November 2003

What bomb....all I saw were kids RC cars

When they came they said they were looking for a bomb.  When they got to court they had already built it and tested it...but I didn't have anything like that at home.  Apparently..I had all the necessary electronics to build one but NOT the explosive so the gov attached one from their own stash to the so called LED light (red) and turned it on....and that's what they showed in court...but they conveniently didn't tell the judge that they (gov of Canada) built the bomb themselves and not me ( Momin Khawaja).  Any on/off switch could do case you didn't know!

June 2003


My single serving friends /RCMP Informants

They asked me if I knew how to shoot.  I said only a 1900s shot gun that belonged to my grand pappy. They said...come with us to the shooting range in Ottawa and we will teach you. Next they just happened to be at the restaurant that I eat at often and told me in person that their dad wants their own guns out of the house asap and say they will call later.  They called a few days later and asked me if I want to buy their guns but sounded on the phone as if It was my Idea.  Next they propose that I buy ammo....afterall we are friends right! haha

July 2003

The making of a setup

emails out the of blue

even yahoo and FBI said that these emails never existed on their where did they come from and why only on a computer that was in a gov of Canada office and had been unused for the last 3 months but apparently had all the latest phony emails. Did anyone bother to check who was coming in and out of the office at night time and if they were carrying extra hard drives....obviously not!

June 2003

No good deed goes unpunished

They need first aid kits and blankets
I saw on TV what those poor Afghans were going thru so I acted and sent money to buy first aid kits and blankets for women and orphans......I sent the money to an FBI informant...seemed trustworthy at that time....and he even said that in court but apparently the Canadian judge just didn't care! after all it was $900

Writings and stuff that I have written

See My Latest Projects.


My Writings /works in progress

Beats Making license plates



What People Say.

work in progress and changes coming soon

Testing auto pub script

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The voices of global resoning must be heard by the decision makers in Canada.

Prof. Noam Chomsky Author and leader
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Momin deserves to be free and those RCMP "pdos" should be in jail for building bombs and twisting the truth!

Anonymous Globaly
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After reading Momin's story we wont be building our cars and trucks in Canada! so long la Mexico!

  AnonymousCEO, of a leading automobile manufacture


Freedom of Expression: As long as you agree with us otherwise it's terror propaganda

The usual and new stuff coming soon.

What every woman looks for:   A man who can cook

  Cook books and recipes of the prisoner who only has access to a microwave and no access to women!

Prison Diet for the Body builder

  Working out and fitness

Catching Mice

How to catch mice and what to do with them.   Not in the cook book


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